About us

lipsense lipstickHello ladies!

The quest for beauty never stops, and we are here to make your dreams come true – especially for your lips!

Dry, plain, and unsightly lips are a thing of the past, and we want to ensure you keep that in mind always. At LipcareSpot, we give you the latest, safest and trending products that are all about the lips. Whether you are lipstick addict or not – maybe you prefer lip gloss or the simple balm, our work is to tell you where it is and if it is worth your hard-earned cash.

Is your current tube too bright or too dark for you? Perhaps you want something new and exciting. There is a wide range to choose from, and we will find that range. More women are getting daring, keeping an eye out for the much more bold colors to make a statement. There is something for beginners too; since, obviously, not everyone is a lipstick and lip gloss enthusiast.

From nude colors that keep it natural and minimalist, some shine and pop with hues of various colors, to the popular matte – it doesn’t matter what your skin tone is, there is something for everyone! We don’t just advise you on the best choices for your skin tone; we will throw in important tips to care for your lips and leave them moisturized and soft when you are back home and makeup free.

Lead isn’t the only toxic ingredient present in some lip products. LipcareSpot puts your safety first, and we make it our job to inform you of any unsavory ingredients that may be present in some of your favorite brands. Some lip products will stain your teeth, strip your lips of their moisture, or leave smears all over the place. You probably don’t like retouching your lips every few minutes. Check out our blog and see what we have to say about all that!