How to Get Rid of Hair Around Your Lips


Whether you’ve spotted a peach fuzz your entire life or are just experiencing hormonal changes, having facial hair can be a pain. What’s even worse is sometimes no matter how many layers make up put on, it’s still recognizable underneath it! Well here are some of the ways you can rid yourself of this problem.


ThreadingThis is an ancient hair removal procedure involving the use of cotton thread. Hence its name. Historically used in various parts of the East like India, it has surprisingly amassed widespread popularity over the last decade. The procedure involves plucking individual hair follicles by wounding thread round a single follicle and using a twisting motion to pull it out. Understandably the whole process takes a while to finish and requires not only a skilled hand but quite a bit of patience from the person on the receiving end. Commonly used for shaping eyebrows, it can alternatively be used to solve our particular problem. Now be warned, this isn’t the most comfortable procedure. Often considered painful and sometimes bordering on unbearable, you should gear yourself up for the discomfort your likely to experience.


It, like threading involves extraction of the hair follicle in its entirety. Following this procedure, absence of hair on the regions in question is noted to last for weeks even months! The approximation of which of course depends on how fast one grows their hair in the first place. So don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t last this long for you. There are two main means of doing this. One is through the use of a paper cloth and some soft wax. Using these two you could easily strip away hair from the area of interest with minimal pain. The other is through the use of hard wax. This only requires its application and once it solidifies, pulling it off the skin. This in comparison takes a longer time, so if your time is limited the other should be more suited for you. Waxing can be done at the comfort of your home but going to a professional is advisable especially if it’s your first rodeo. Trust me you don’t want the messy details.

Shaving and depilatories

Shaving and depilatoriesWhether it’s through the use of an ordinary razor or an electric device you’ve probably shaved your hair once or twice before. Hence this suggestion should not be untoward. With the garnered experience, you probably also know that another shave will be in order after a couple of days. This is so, as its effect lasts only a few days and regular shaving is necessary.  Depilatories are chemicals made to dissolve hair on the skin. One of the more easier means of getting rid of hair, it is painless and cheap. However it’s important to note that depending on the person, these depilatory creams and lotions could cause irritation to the skin. So you might have to go through a few before finding the one that works for you.


It is a very expensive procedure involving the removal of hair using an electric current. Now this procedure unlike some of the other methods, you can’t opt do own your own. This is so as even with a skilled specialist, side effects could include scarring and swelling.  So it can be pretty dangerous. One advantage it has over aforementioned procedures is that its effect of the process is permanent.  This is due to the fact that the current used destroys the hair follicles roots completely hindering any further growth of hair in these regions.

Laser hair removal

Like electrolysis it is a permanent method of doing this. It also like electrolysis could lead to burns and swelling so it’s important to get a recommended professional for the procedure. It too can be dangerous if proper care is not given. The process involves the use of light beams to destroy the hair roots. If you’ve learned anything from the electrolysis bit you should know that this will mean no further hair growth will be possible in these regions.


There are several home remedies that could work to solve this problem. Though risk free, there is no certainty that all or either could work for you. The latter being reflected by a small group of people; hardly anyone. These remedies are best suited for individuals who require minimal hair removal.


Making a paste out of turmeric and water and applying it on these area has been known to work miracles. Coming first on this list due to its immense popularity, its usage likely won’t be a let you down. Needing only up to 15 minutes, it’s cost effective as it can be sourced from your very own kitchen and time efficient. It is a simple method that can be quite easily incorporated into your daily routine. Here are some remedies of the same you will find quite useful.


Anything soy

In whatever form it may be soy is good source of estrogen. The plant itself has estrogen that is similar to that produced by the human body which contains isoflavones. These isoflavones activate estrogen receptors which works to mimic the effect of estrogen in our bodies. This will in turn reduce facial hair growth. Care should be taken on its intake (if necessary and how much ) but generally its consumption is harmless.


Putting a bit of it in your daily cup of tea could go a long way in solving this problem. Known to balance out hormones spearmint is often recommended as a solution to several conditions on of which is Hirsutism. In fact, research has proven reduced symptoms of this condition upon its usage. This is mainly due to the fact that when balancing out hormones it reduces the levels of androgen; high levels of which is usually the cause of facial hair in women.


Vitamins like B6, E and A work to hinder excessive production of testosterone. Other supplements like copper and magnesium could help in reducing hair growth in these regions.

Try it out

In order to find what works for you’ll have to go through a fair share of trouble and expenses but it will prove to be worth it all in the long run.


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