Maybelline Vs Covergirl Lipstick Review 2019


Maybelline lipstick gives you a flawless look without having to wear anything extra. If you are looking for a lipstick that leaves your lips moisturized, Maybelline does it best. Maybelline vs Covergirl lipstick review gives you an overview of these products to help you buy the right product for your lips. Covergirl lipstick is known for its lasting power and smooth finish.

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Hey there, I have been looking for a lipstick product that would fit with my lip tone. It needless to emphasize how important the right lipstick counts in giving women the right color shade and tone for their lips. At the beauty store, I got introduced to these two products, Maybelline and Covergirl lipstick. Here are my thoughts and findings on them.

Maybelline review

If lip color is your topmost concern, you want to try out Maybelline

Matte finish

This lipstick is creamy, leaving your lips moisturized. It also comes with a range of pretty colors that live your lips shining. It gave me a perfect red matte finish without adding any gloss.

Lasting stay power

This lipstick comes with a great ability to last long on your skin. Even in cases of extreme heat and humidity, Maybelline has proven long-lasting and doesn’t come off easily. It can last up to 5 hours before reapplication.

Smooth texture

Not all lipsticks in the market, come with that fine texture for your skin, some are heavy and course. Maybelline gives you a totally different experience. For the first time, I enjoyed applying it. It does not tug your skin neither does it leave you feeling dry and gross. Its texture is fairly creamy


  • Long-lasting
  • All-day hydration
  • Comes with an array of live colors
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • Does not fade in extreme weather


  • Requires 1-2 applications in the course of the day.
  • Hs to be applied in the right order for it to last.


Covergirl Lipstick review

Brings you its unique lasting power, smooth finish with a nice color.

Stay power

Covergirl lipstick lasts 8 hours on your lips without flaking. To keep it strong on your lips, apply gloss. Topcoat gloss protects its color and makes it last all day. However, my lips felt dry at times.

End product

To get the perfect finish, apply when your lips are soft and smooth. You will notice that it comes with shades that are matte and shimmers. Matte shades worked out well for me. Always apply the color first and let it dry. Avoid closing your mouth, hold them apart the gold-fish way for `1 minute. Finish with gloss or lip balm. Serves to deepen your colors.


If applied as a thin layer, Covergirl has the ability to remain on your lips without being transferred on to your drinking glass. A thin layer can withstand kisses and smudge as compared to a thick layer.


  • Long lasting
  • Non-transferable
  • Easy to apply
  • Moisturizing topcoat


  • Dries out your skin without moisturizer
  • Short applicator, wastes lipstick fluid

My verdict

After using these two products, I liked Maybelline lipstick mostly because of its hydration effect on my lips. Maybelline also works fine without the use of a lip gloss. Covergirl outlast is long lasting but leaves you dry if you have no moisturizer.


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