Nars sheer glow vs luminous silk Review 2018: Find out which one gives you that natural appeal


Nars sheer glow will blow you off with its buildable lotion and the fact that it can perfectly suit a woman of color. Luminous silk is good too by the fact that it covers your skin blemishes. The nars sheer glow vs luminous silk review 2018 shades more light on these amazing products.

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I’m a 25 year old female working as a teacher in a suburban area. I can’t wait to tell you how one of these products gave my skin the natural appeal it was missing. Read on to know what I think.

Nars sheer glow review

Having dry skin is not good for you.  It kills your self-esteem and confidence. This will not only affect your work but also your general performance. Luckily for you,

Glowing skin

Nars sheer glow brings you a brilliant and lovely glow that is dewy. Even in cases of extreme skin dryness, I guarantee you that this foundation restores your skin. This product also makes your skin feel smooth and softer than it was before.

 Medium coverage

It gives you a smooth coverage even in cold months. The coverage turns out to be lightweight and buildable. The shading is perfect for a woman of color.

Stay power

This product is long lasting and leaves your skin flawless. It can last up to 8 hours.


  • Provides enough glow for dry skin
  • Long-lasting
  • Natural feeling
  • Perfect match for chocolate skin tones


  • Comes with no pump; could get messy during application


Luminous silk review

I would suggest you buy this product if what you are looking for is flawlessness.

Covers skin blemishes

It covers any blemishes such as dark spots on your skin with perfection. Luminous silk radiates very well with dark skin. If you are lost on a perfect match to start with I would vouch for this foundation.

Stay power

Regardless of the weather, luminous silk lasts long on your skin, even in hot sun. However, it does not achieve the same result for every skin type. Also leaves a light feeling on your skin.

Medium coverage but buildable

It leaves on you a gorgeous cover and works well with oily skin or a combination. If your skin happens to be dry, consider using a moisturizer before using this formula. It is silky and the texture is also good for normal skin.


  • Flawless and natural skin look
  • Smooth feeling on the skin
  • Good skin coverage


  • Clogged appearance on pores
  • Settles on your skin lines after sometime
  • Doesn’t last long


My verdict

My best fit in these two foundations is the Nars sheer glow. It does not only have a natural finish but leaves it glowing. For those with dry skin, use this foundation to achieve quality skin that is hydrated and brilliant. Luminous silk works to cover your blemishes. If having redness or dark spots on your skin, you can buy luminous silk. The downside to it is that it clogs skin pores and settles on your fine skin lines after some time.



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