Senegence Lipsense Vs NuSkin Power Lips Review 2019


Senegence lipsense vs NuSkin power lips review guides your test and preferences in choosing the lipstick that will give you more than what you asked for.  Lipsense from Senegence comes with over 50 shades of lipstick that you could choose from. It’s waterproof and does not rub off easily. On the other hand, NuSkin power lips fluid not only gives you a variety of splendid colors but its long lasting and nourishing for your skin.

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LipSense Liquid Lip Color4.5/ 5 starsCheck price on Amazon
Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid4.5/ 5 starsCheck price on Amazon
theBalm Meet Matte Hughes4.4/ 5 starsCheck price on Amazon
NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede4.5/ 5 starsCheck price on Amazon
Maybelline New York Color Sensational4.4/ 5 starsCheck price on Amazon
COVERGIRL Continuous Color4.5/ 5 starsCheck price on Amazon
LipSense Liquid Lip Color, Purple Reign4.5/ 5 starsCheck price on Amazon


While the use of lipstick may not be a cup of tea for every woman, a majority of women won’t dare walk out of their house without that favorite lip color that perfectly blends with their skin. If you happen to use skin care products, the use of lipstick is not an option for you but a necessity.

Senegence Lipsense Review

I loved its originality fluid and the fact that you can create your color of choice.

Lasting power

Lipsense from senegence can last up to 14 hours without wearing off. It saves you the trouble of having to apply it more than once in the span of a day.

End product

For starters, this product may give you a burning sensation. This is most likely to happen if your lips are not most moisturized. However, this sensation goes away with continued use of this product. You may also feel your lips exfoliating. This is an indicator that your previous lipstick was doing you more harm than good. Exfoliation occurs as toxins need to be gotten out of your lips. All said it leaves you richly colorful.


This product has the amazing quality of remaining intact on your lips no matter your activity. Whether you choose to eat oily foods, drink, go swimming or kiss lipsense remains loyal to your lips.


  • Long-lasting
  • Customizable colors
  • It’s not transferable


  • Tingling sensation on your lips
  • Requires special remover to get it off
  • You have to use gloss often to prevent your lips from drying
  • Needs three layers of application to stick


NuSkin Power Lips Review

Gives you a nourishing rich color that lasts all day.

Lasting power

NuSkin gives you quality through its stay on your skin for a whole day without feeling dry. It contains the natural clay kaolin that gives it a long-lasting color of up to 18 hours.

End product

If you are looking for that lip stain that gives you a matte finish without feeling dry, this product has got you covered. It comes packed with Vitamin E providing anti_ageing benefits to your skin.


Power lips fluid will not transfer to your drinking glass or lover’s mouth unless the pressure is too high. It’s kiss and smudge proof.


  • Long wear
  • No lip gloss application
  • Needs one weightless layer saving you time
  • Skin-rich ingredients
  • Requires no special removers


  • Thick on lips


Final thoughts

THE NuSkin power lips speaks for itself. It takes care of your lips perfectly without any side effects. You don’t have to labor applying it. One layer is enough to get your lips covered and it needs no special remover.


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